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T.Nathan-Wong & S.Hirini: « We’re still proud of the group with this new world title »


Biarritz Sevens / Rugby. It was a very good week-end dedicated to rugby sevens at the Aguilera stadium in Biarritz. The last stage of  world rugby series circuit sees the United States sacred against the Black Ferns of New Zealand.


The Basque Country was waiting to see stars and the success was at the rendez-vous. First, thanks to a French or foreign public who came in large numbers to push behind their team and then, that counts, because the weather was stable with a great sun and summer temperatures. A temperature that never stopped climbing & the matches are chained every fifteen minutes with two cuts of about 30 minutes in the early afternoon and early evening.

Russia, surprise team of the day 1

In the A-B-C Pools, the New Zealand, Australian, and American favorites leaded by  9 points & no defeats . During the day 1, the real surprise was Russia, passing in front of England in the standings thanks to two wins against England (10-17) and Scotland (31-15).

Spain brings its madness for the day 2

For the second day, the Spanish continued to progress, reaching the semifinals of the tournament after a feat against Australia ! (14-15) in quarters & play for a bronze medal. The march was a little high despite their audience and their bravery … registering two defeats against the United States (7-24) & Canada (14-19)

Pride remains on the side of New Zealand

America  has surprised New Zealand, the best team in the world & the tournament with 18 tries scored meeting a tough defense and quick counter-attacks with Alev Kelter or Naya Tapper. The logic of the ranking has been respected from beginning to end.

New Zealand gets a new Women’s Series title with 110 points, the fifth in their history, a record. Behind the United States, 100 points & Canada, 94 pts.

Back on the final & the tournament with Tyla Nathan-Wong (o) & Sarah Hirini, the historic captain of the silver fern nation with 200 games , another record, one more.

Sarah Hirini, Black Ferns captain

CS: Tyla & Sarah, it’s been a tough match, how do you feel ?

T. Nathan-Wong : « It was a tough game, we did not have good chances or when we could not score, we ended up at the top with another World Series title and qualification. Olympic Games Our objectives during the season »

S.Hirini : « Yes, it was difficult, we gave what we could, we still come to our country with another title and it’s incredible »

Tyla Nathan Wong still proud of this week

CS: What analysis can you make of these two days ?

T. Nathan-Wong : « For the end of the season, we are obviously going to enjoy it all together, there have been ups and downs, but I am very proud of our group, of each girl for what they give all The quality of the Women’s Rugby is improving year by year.The first four teams continue to perform.We now have teams like Spain that shows qualities… That’s Women’s Rugby ! « 

S.Hirini : « We have another title even if we lost the final, we have to believe in our group and we will be stronger for another season on the circuit »

CS: Goals for the next few months or years ?

T.Nathan-Wong : « First of all, I loved Biarritz, near our hotel, we had the beach and I loved surfing and settling in. Now, six weeks of breaks are coming in. Believe me that I will enjoy it as each girl in the group besides with my friends and my family before leaving for another season … « 

S.Hirini : « Yes, it’s break time, enjoy it with those who matter most to me, we’ll see what happens next season »

Interviews by Pierre-Alexandre Carré  [ENG] [ @carr_pierre64 ]

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